"The personification of evil becomes the personification of awesomeness when Ganondorf takes the field with a really big sword."

The description of Ganondorf on the Hyrule Warriors website

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Loud, gleeful shrieks precede the entrance of a young girl, eyes the color of honey and hair a bright, vibrant red, as most Gerudo would have them. Two others follow in play, and she accidentally stumbles against Ganondorf's legs, lips opening in an apology before she catches sight of just who it is, "O-oh! Sir!" She manages, lips splitting in a proud grin as she stands a bit straighter, the other girls following suit, no doubt daughters of guards judging by their practiced stances.

He was going over a routine with some of the fortress guards when they heard the noise.  Children often played in the fortress when the weather was kind, so none of them payed it any attention.  It wasn’t until the footsteps echoed in the chamber that Ganondorf looked over his shoulder, in time to miss the face of the girl who made contact with his boots.  

At the girl’s—all of the girls’ stood at attention, he did his best not to laugh.  Discipline was a valuable trait in Gerudo Valley, and he did not wish to mock their learning.  

"Ladies."  He greeted as he turned.  The biggest girl in their group was scarcely above his thigh guard, and he, too, paid them the respect of standing straight and tall.  "What can I do for you?"


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((whispers I have HCs about this that she actually did. Like she wasn’t JUST guarding the temple, but out doing the dirty work she would have refused otherwise))


For that exact reason: To take her rebellious spirit and ultimately destroy it. Force her to be that which she would have rather died than become. Ganondorf’s slave.

There is a plethora of potential here.

[[ And on top of that, Ganondorf was in Hyrule Castle during the later years of Link’s coma, and the Spirit Temple was largely Twinrova’s domain.  

Really just


unfortunate odds



Young Nabooru and Ganondorf


Young Nabooru and Ganondorf

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♗:Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap. (dragon Daphnes cuz I wanna see Ganondorf react to this XD)

♗:Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse’s lap.

It was not rare for Ganondorf to be found in Hyrule lately.  Since working out a treaty with the reigning King, he’d been invited to join him on odd quests and casual occasions, in an attempt (Ganondorf assumed) to form a bond between the men.  This time, though, the Gerudo King saw something he hadn’t before.  

Daphnes, but a dragon.  The Hylian King had explained this gift was one his bloodline held dear.  And, while Ganondorf had far from expected such a thing, it was not the strangest revelation he’d heard of in this realm.  Their adventure had called for the form, Daphnes further told him, and he wasn’t wrong.  It certainly had called for the power of a dragon, and Ganondorf was certain that the dragon was grateful for his power as well.  

After hours of climbing, and fighting environmental hazards, and flying on one of their parts, at least the two had completed their mission, and finally settled at the base of one of Hyrule’s many mountains.  

Ganondorf huffed, relieved to be finished with the task.  He was well used to hard work, but he was used to thicker air and warmer conditions.  He leaned his head back against the rocky wall and closed his eyes, hearing the other’s foot (claw?) falls against the mountain trail.  Apparently his action seemed like a good idea, because he heard the large reptilian form settle beside him.  Well enough, too.  He imagined dragons got exhausted too.  

Rather suddenly, golden eyes shot open, and almost reluctantly looked down.  

The head of the dragon King rested comfortably in his lap, the length of it spanning both his thighs.  The Gerudo King’s jaw tensed, unsure quite how to react.  If Daphnes had been in his human form, would he have made this choice?  Was it rightful for a King to treat another King with such …friendly parameters?  And how quickly he seemed to have dozed, too!  How well must Daphnes have trusted the younger man, to fall asleep so easily in such a place?  

He huffed again, mind whirring with questions he knew better than to ask.  And, eventually, put his head back against the rocky wall and closed his eyes.

Closed RP (with thepowerpersuasion) 


"Nightmares, again?"

The young noble was cautious enough at the situation. No one should be able to get into the gardens unless she wished it. The doors had been locked, and there were guards posted at the gates - though it was uncertain how well they were faring at this time. Zelda kept her distance from her end of the small courtyard, but made no move to run.

At least, not yet.

It was as if some unseen force bade her stay, on top of her own curiousity. The princess’ pale left hand began to ache, causing her to mindlessly clasp them together. She wished that her dagger wasn’t left in her quarters, but then… She had thought that her own home was safe enough. How wrong she had been.

Any and all side thoughts or plans of action vanished entirely however, when the tall shadow spoke. A voice she had thought she would never hear again addressed her coldly, and her hands fell to her sides in shock.

"I-I… Y-You…" The princess was pale from more than just moonlight now as her voice stammered across the thick silence. "This can’t be real… I must be dreaming…" The last part was muttered under her breath, as one hand went to hold her head.

"Oh no, Princess.  I’m afraid this is no dream.”  

The smirk he wore bled into his tone, still mocking a dreary concern for the girl’s well being.  It was broken by deep, dark laughter, louder than it should have been.  It echoed from the high walls, but no one would hear it.  And he wasn’t concerned if they had.  

He was here.  

Anyone else was too late.  

Stepping out of the darkness, he confirmed the Princess’ terror.  Usually the fearful part of a monster was the aspect of the unknown.  What one couldn’t see was the scary part.  The mind played tricks, and built a beast of one’s deepest fears.  The reveal of the true creature often made it far less terrifying than the imagination that feared it.  

The opposite was true with Ganondorf.

The shadows almost moved with him, towering as he did in the few steps he took into the moonlight.  Golden eyes were locked onto the little maiden, the frail, fatal flaw in his otherwise perfect plan.  It was due to her he’d been found out, arrested, sentenced to death.  Hyrule’s finest, of course, could not contain him, and he’d taken to dropping off the map rather than subjecting Gerudo Valley to war.  Though, according to his sources, it had nearly happened anyway.  

All of this mess, due to one little girl’s premonition.  

His lips split into a grin.

"Not for you, at least.”

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((the best and the worst at the same time xD))

[[ right?  xD  My poor gxllilea ]]

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings."

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