[[ Yesterday I had an asthma-induced anxiety attack while driving. I called emergency services (after pulling off the road) and they took me to the ER, because I didn’t know what was happening to me other than my appendages going numb, and they wanted to be sure an attack was all it was. Luckily, I am otherwise perfectly healthy. We all believe it was caused by both the asthma and me not knowing what a full-blown anxiety attack felt like, which made my body panic. Now that I’m aware of the cause and symptoms I am in much better shape, but it was still recommended that I take a break from unnecessary pressures.

That’s not to say any of you are pressuring me, it’s a mental thing: Knowing I have something to get done and being unable to do it for whatever reason. In this case it’s time constraints due to work and school. So I’m gonna take a break from prosing and the like, and I’ll probably not be around much. I’ll probably still do asks occasionally, but for the time being I’m gonna step back and let myself prioritize more responsibly. If you ever need to talk to me I’m still lurking, and you’re free to message me here or on my art/personal blog.

You’re all wonderful, and I’ll see you again soon. ]]

thepowerpersuasion asked : "You take such joy in pretending you're okay."


It’d been a bad string of nights. Sometimes, she’d get lucky and sleep without dreams at all, but, other times, most times, she’d be plagued with nightmares. 

Always the same. The same images, same voices, same screams. No matter what she did, freedom from this curse could not be found. 

Now, Nabooru was seated in her bed, freshly woken from another fitful sleep. Dark fingers combed through loose locks of crimson, sweat dripping from her skin as she tried to steady her breathing. Echoes of cackles unheard by anyone else filled the cold night air. 

At least she hadn’t screamed, herself. Someone would be at her door now, if she had. 

Breathe, breathe. 

"You take such joy in pretending you’re okay."

A sudden start. The gerudo woman sharply looked up, golden eyes widened and a little crazy as she tried to locate the source of that statement. Yet, none could be found. It was impossible, yet unmistakable. Ganondorf’s voice, just as cold as she remembered it being. He’d be looking down at her with such contempt as he said those words, she knew that without question. A gaze that could cut straight through her without mercy. 

He was sealed away, permanently, unable to come back, but…

Hands covered her face as she curled into a ball. She was losing her mind. She was breaking, piece by piece. Sooner or later, she’d be nothing but a cracked, empty shell of her former self.

That voice, confirming that which she tried so hard to deny, only made the pain worsen.

Beyond that seal, he must be filled to the brim with satisfaction.

      i ¢нσѕє this fate.
      this    was      ᴍᴇ.
      and   me   alone.

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sky-x-child asked : [What's green, soft and smells like pig? Kermit's fingers.]

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Of course ghosts are real, they hide inside your bones.
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